It’s been almost four months. CRAZY.

Things are just wonderful down here. Busy. Busy. And even more busy. GOOD NEWS. We are getting elders. And things are so busy for us that they are going to be emergency transferred over to Bridgeland in a week or two. Now that doesn’t happen every day. We are excited and planning on how we are going to divide the work load. Sister Maughan has worked with other missionaries in the same area before so it should all work out nicely. The other news is that the elders will probably take our apartment. We will probably go and live with a member. I’m excited for that. It will feel much more like home. If not, then we’ll just get switched to another apartment complex.
This week was full with wonderful appointments with investigators and members.
The Portes are doing amazing. With a switch in work schedules, they should be able to attend church now so we are going to set a firm baptismal date with the daughter. We are thinking mid November.
The O’s date is for Oct. 11th. It’s happening at 11am. WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR THEM! It’s happening. It feels right and they are so ready! I can’t believe it! I will be here for it, good thing that we don’t have transfers until the end of Oct. But we are still praying so hard that everything will go smoothly. Nothing can get in the way!!!
Joshua is just a stud. We are still teaching him new member lessons. He bore his testimony for us, so sweet.
Phyllis participated in our Stake New Convert meeting and shared her story and then had the closing prayer. She is a natural speaker. We are super proud of her.
The Newcomb’s are an awesome family in our ward we have been working with. They are on fire with family history. 300+ names for the temple. WHAT? The youth were dunked a lot for their temple trip at the end of last month. Family history, people. That’s the number one hobby in the world now, I think aside from gardening.
We had a miracle happen with Richard. We have been struggling to keep things on focus in lessons and commitments were not being kept. BUT. One night he was watering his grass, right after a visit with us. (We had talked about maybe giving him some time and ‘dropping’ him) But a door to door salesman approached him that evening. They talked about the product then somehow the gospel came up. The salesman said, “Listen to them (us). That is God talking to you through them. They are sent to you to teach you about His gospel. Go to church tomorrow, I think you’ll love it” Richard said he was humbled and would come to church and try to focus more.
We have 3 new investigators that we found this last week. I really got to practice teaching the restoration and committing people to baptism. They are all stoked and know this is true. They say it feels right. I’m lucky to be working with such solid people!
SO family history has been really in focus lately. The spirit of Elijah is everywhere! It’s burning in non member and member’s hearts. This work is what is uniting our area and I’m sure what is uniting the world! We get into so many doors with family history. One day we were talking with a girl who said she was Hebrew and wouldn’t practice anything else, after a mention of family history, we were welcomed back. How great!
We are receiving our training to be certified. It’s great and I actually seem to know what I am doing! We’re training for when we get ipads in our mission. It’s rumored to be happening soon.
We had a stake fireside after stake conference. It was for investigators and anyone else who is learning about the church. We did a testimony from a recent convert, a mormon message, and a musical number all repeated three times. We opened with us missionaries (about 150 of us) walking in singing called to serve and then at the end singing the EFY medley. We sang a childs prayer in the middle of it. GOOSE BUMPS! It was so powerful. 300+ people were in attendance, not counting the missionaries. It was a definite success.
We are going to be blessed to see Meet the Mormons this week, so we can know what its about and how to promote everyone else to see it. What a privilege! Missionaries going to a movie theatre. You definitely don’t see that every day!
Conference is coming up!!!!!!!!!
Sister Jeppson

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