Howdy Ya’ll September 15 2014

Howdy Ya’ll!

Things have been so awesome in Bridgeland! The highlight has probably been the cold front! It’s been like 80 degrees, everyone has been wearing sweaters! Even me! Haha, I thought it wouldn’t be bad, but going from like 105 to 80, it feels as if it is 0 degrees! It’s be hard to re-adjust to winters in Utah…
Random crazy stuff that happened this week:
Saw a man latin dancing in his garage by himself way late at night and singing to himself. He must have been drunk, he was holding a bottle of something. Sister Maughan and I were laughing so hard! It was really weird! We just got in the car and drove away quickly.
When on exhanges, Sister Stepp totally surprised me! She is pretty quiet, but we were tracting and a lady was being quite rude. She opened the door and was like, “oh, it’s the latter day saints. We’ll I’m a 7th day evangelist, today is my sabbath day, and I don’t want to hear any of your preaching…’ She kept rambling, we just listened. Then Sister Stepp cut her off and was like ‘actually ma’am, we are going around and sharing a message about family history. We believe that the family is so important… *details of the website*… we know you must love your family and wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to get to know your ancestors?’ The lady was stunned. She didn’t know what to say. She was trying to bash on us but Sister Stepp stepped up and saved the day! Haha, perhaps you had to be there, but it was funny!
Everyone I’m running into down here has the name Jasmine. I saw a girl the other day at Kroger and she spelt it Jazmayne. Weird huh!?
We go on Dunkin Donut runs like every night. Baskin Robbins is right next door. No bueno pero muy delicioso! Its a great place to go contact people! 😉
A Spanish elder, after District meeting, smashed his finger in a folding chair and we could see the bone. We took him to an emergency room. Silly elders.
A kid in our ward broke his leg while playing on a trampoline, him and I are best friends now. He wishes he had a scar.
Family history is really booming down here. Everyone in the ward is getting more involved and we have found it is the best way to get into peoples doors down here, especially of those from other faiths that wouldn’t otherwise let us in. We are being trained to become certified and I am going to be an official consultant! I love family search and have already help Phyllis fix her tree. It’s nice to know how to maneuver around the site and fix problems that people run into.
Phyllis is amazing. It’s nice to have her back. She has been called as a family history consultant, which she is going to love! And we are working with her to get her ready to go to the temple!
Joshua is just awesomeness. We are continuing to teach him and will do so for a year following his baptism date. It’s a new thing that all missionaries need to do with recent converts, to keep them active and involved.
The O’s are awesome! We haven’t been able to work with them as often as we need to because of scheduling conflicts, but they are progressing and preparing for baptism!
Ikelynn is on fire with family history. We took the family history consultants over one day for a lesson and she is just loving it!
Jennifer is progressing well too, she is golden and really loving the church and the lessons. We see really good things happening in the future with her and are so excited to be working with her.
We are doing a lot of member work. Sadly, about 50% of our ward is less active or part member families. We are trying to spend a lot of our time getting to know them and helping them out in any way we can.
There are so many great things happening here. I have had so many wonderful experiences and opportunities. There are plenty of things that I have been able to reflect on and it’s crazy how much potential each of us have. We really do sell ourselves short in many things. Progress is hard and sometimes tastes like we are eating dirt. Just like a long run takes endurance, so does life and every single aspect that fall underneath it. Endurance takes faith and determination. And it goes a lot more smoothly with a positive attitude. But how rewarding is it to feel the refining times become characteristics and habits! The process is slow, like a plant growing (you can’t just sit there and watch/expect it to grow) you have to have patient and diligence to keep watering it. But it brings so much joy!
Sister J

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