Howdy! Day 100




I’ve been on my mission for 100 and something days. Crazy! I can’t believe September is halfway over. I feel   like it was just July yesterday. I am appreciating the cooler (by 5 degrees) weather. It’s hot again today-we enjoyed the cool front while we had it.

I am just loving being in Bridgeland and I hope I stay here for awhile. I finally know most people’s names and am now familiar with the area around me. I don’t have to use the GPS for most appointments!

The members are fantastic and it feels a lot like my Oakridge Farms family! I think I’ve been very blessed to have awesome and supportive wards all my life and to can’t believe how strong this ward is here! I hear stories from the other sisters that there are some crazy ward where there are struggles in certain auxiliaries which makes the work really hard… I can’t imagine being in a ward like that! *knock on wood.

It’s also crazy how one can really receive so much revelation and inspiration at church! It seems that every single topic on Sunday’s apply to exactly what’s going on that week. I just love when the speakers say something that just hits you so hard! I’ve had that happen a few times. The Lord is so aware of everything! I’s been eye opening to count the many things that I see the Lord’s hand involved in.

Well time is always cut short.

Hermana J.


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