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So we are super lucky to be able to email today. Yesterday, with the holiday, the library was closed.
Sunday the big news came. TRANSFERS. President Mortensen had alluded in his previous email to us that I would be leaving Bridgeland. We were freaking out. Sister Heaps has been here for ages and so she thought she was leaving. We practically had a cow for the past week. Everyone was saying things and we were both just telling them to stop talking about it! We didn’t want to leave!
So we got the text sunday night and *drum roll* SISTER HEAPS IS LEAVING BRIDGELAND. NO BUENO. That means that I have to be in charge of the area until the new sister get used to it and informed about everything. Sister Heaps had a really hard time saying goodbye. She has been here for 7 months and couldn’t believe that she had to leave!
So monday we spent all day packing her stuff up. We tried to go by and say good bye to some people but most people weren’t home. This morning we arrived at the mission office. MILLIONS of missionaries were there. Many people are getting switched up and there are going to be new zones and districts. Things are really changing in the mission. They passed out the paper that tells us who our new companions and areas are. Sister Heaps is now in Woodlands, TX with a sister whom I don’t remember the name of. And Sister Maughan is my new comp! She is awesome! She came from a YSA ward up at College Station and is super excited to be in a family ward. I think its cool that she has Grandma’s maiden name. She is from Gilbert, AZ and has been out for about a year. I am so excited to be here in Bridgeland with Sister Maughan. She is definitely a sanguine. This area really needed her and we are so excited to be serving here!!!!!!
Sister Jeppson

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