September 1st 2014

All is just wonderful down here in Bridgeland. There are only a couple weird things:

1: It’s cooling down. What!? Its still hot but not as bad as it used to be!I hope I didn’t jinx anything…

2: Sister Heaps is being transferred! 😦 No bueno!

Today she is packing and tomorrow we go and find out where she is going and who my new companion is. I’m staying in Bridgeland and hope I can keep this area maintained as well as Sister Heaps maintained it. It’s almost like needing to weed a garden. 

I know the Lord is aware of this area and trust that all will be well. There is so much growth happening and I’m lucky to be a part of it. 

People are just awesome. 

Miracles this week:

Phyllis’ mom went home! Yay! She will start coming to church and we will catch back up on our regular routine! The Porte’s are going to be coming to church as well! Sister Porte passed her Nursing exam and so she is able to have Sundays off! Their baptism is set for 10/4/14.

The O’s have been MIA! She has been working SUPER HARD and we haven’t seen her for a couple weeks. 😦 Their baptism is being rescheduled. We have met some awesome people who are expressing interest in the gospel. We are going to be stopping by to many of them this week. 

Richard is well. He is learning lots, but has seemed to disappear this last weekend. But perhaps because of the holiday. He tend to go fishing at Galveston and we wonder if that is where he took off to. 

This coming Sunday we are having a ward’s missionary fireside where everyone in our ward is getting together with investigators they have fellow shipped and recent converts are sharing their testimonies and stories. I’m excited to see it all put together. We are having a Mission fireside for the Cypress stake as well on the 21st of Sept. It’s exciting!

Being a missionary is just so wonderful and so cool to be right next to people, side by side, as they change their life and embrace the gospel. It is an amazing work but also a very daunting work. With the Lord on our side, everything is okay. I just get butterflies with the thought of Sister Heaps leaving and me solely being responsible for the area-at least for a short time while my new comp. learns the ropes. It’s amazing that we can rely on the Lord for strength and so much more amazing that I will have the opportunity to turn it all over to Him to keep ths area going. I feel the growing pains but I also feel the joy. 

Much good is going to happen.

Love, Sister Jeppson


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