August 18th 2014

The gas station was pretty crazy. It’s got fancy bathrooms and a whole bunch of Texas paraphernalia! Sister Brown bought us shirts. She wouldn’t take no for an answer! I love her so much. It was fun to go see a little bit of Texas and go on an adventure. The fireside is pulling through. We need to make invitations and get them passed out to our investigators. It’s coming up soon!
Everyone is awesome! This week was pretty intense because we did exchanges twice! 
The O’s are just awesome. I wasn’t there for their lesson this week but the boys committed to baptism! It’s hopefully going to be on the 30th of August. They went to pick up their oldest son this weekend so they weren’t at church. We’re excited to meet him! He was with friends all summer.
The Noah’s are great. They were at church yesterday and are just loving it! Their daughter also got back from being somewhere all summer. I met her yesterday. We are so excited for them! They are going to be getting married the first part of October and then after that they will be baptized! Sister Noah is super excited and can’t wait. Her and her fiance are so cute. We want soon to be brother Noah to speak at our fireside coming up. He has such a strong testimony and his conversion story is pretty cool I hear. 
The Porte’s are pushing through. We’re just waiting for Sept. for them so that Sister Porte will have Sundays off of work and she can come to church with her daughter (who is the one investigating the church). Did I tell you sister Porte was from Liberia!? And she met the missionaries in France? I think it’s pretty awesome.
Richard, we didn’t see this week and haven’t heard from him 😦 
We met another family this week! Natasha is a mom of four (I think) kids about 7ish and younger. There were a bunch of kids playing outside so I’m not sure exactly who was hers, but she is a lot like Sister O. Very humble. Very open to learning more and so sweet! She is interested in us sharing more about the gospel and we are excited to see her this week! 
Phyllis’s mom left for home this weekend. We’re excited for her to be coming back to church! I feel as though I haven’t seen her in ages!!!!!
Joshua is going to the temple this Wednesday for a youth trip. We are most likely going with them. I am so excited for him!!! He blessed the sacrament again yesterday. He’s all grown up! haha
So, rumor is that when you go on exchanges, miracles happen. Since we had two exchanges this week, TWICE the amount of miracles happened!!!
Blake texted us out of the blue this week saying he read the whole Book of Mormon and is ready to meet with us. THE WHOLE THING. Yeah, he is a stud.
One night we were rushing back to our car to head to meet the other sisters we were exchanging with. We had just finished tracting a street and were walking quickly to the car. I heard a quiet, little “excuse me” but it didn’t register until the lady said it again. I stopped and we went to talk with her. She asked if we were the ones that had just come and knocked on her door. We said yes. She said that she was really interested in learning more. We left a restoration pamphlet with her and our number and then rushed off for exchanges. Our mistake. We haven’t heard from her and she hasn’t been home each day we’ve tried by. Heh. But the miracle was that she was our 25th invite to learn for the day. Sweet tender mercy.
Sister Heaps had several miracles happen when she was in our area with another Sister. I had several good things happen and things just worked out well when I was in the area with another sister for our second exchange.
It was scary being in Bridgeland without Sister Heaps to help me out. I had to take charge in lessons and make sure everything was planned out and put together. I felt like I was doing it all by myself since the other sister doesn’t know the area. It was stressful! But that day was so awesome and I feel so much more confident. I am nervous about the thought of Sister Heaps being transferred out of Bridgeland this next transfer… but it’ll all be okay (fingers crossed). 
One embarrassing thing was that I forgot to tell someone an appointment canceled. Here is what happened.
Sister Smith said she could come to visit Katie with us and would bring Ana-Karen who is her age. She was really busy but could squeeze some time to come with us. Keep in mind, she lives pretty far away and went even more out of her way to get Ana-Karen.
Katie had canceled on us because of things that had come up. I thought that was fine and rescheduled with Katie. I felt confident that I was handling everything right.
Later in the day, Sister Ririe and I were actually on Katies street planning out the next hour when I got a call from Sister Smith. My heart dropped. In the rear-view mirror I saw her and Ana-Karen in her car in front of Katie’s house. I forgot to tell Sister Smith that Katie canceled!!!!!!!! I felt horrible. We walked over to them and explained what happened. She is so sweet, she just wished us a good day, asked if she could do anything else to help and went on her merry way. I felt like an idiot. Sister Ririe laughed at me. (All out of love.)
The people here are so awesome. I am loving getting to know everyone and am so grateful to our wonderful members who help out SO much. This work would not be possible without them. 
My heart is really going to forever be here in Houston.
Sister Jeppson

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