Aug 11 2014

Things are going great here. The days are flying by and we are busy busy busy! With Sister Heaps being a STL (sister training leader) we have a lot more meetings so I do lots of little mini exchanges. We are going to have exchanges twice this week. I will be on a bike!!! Hopefully it will rain that day, or else I might evaporate! 

Our area is growing so much. Since we have been doing the 25 invites thing, we are suddenly so busy with appointments that we hardly ever invite 25 people a day any more! We just don’t have enough time since we are teaching so many people. I guess that is a good thing! I wouldn’t be surprised if they have another set of missionaries join us in these area since there is so much work and so many people.

People are doing great!

The O family is just soaking it all up! We finished teaching the three main lessons and are now finishing up the commandments. That is the hardest thing for them right now, committing to keep the commandments. But they are so humble and willing to do so. We tell them it starts with baby steps. Their baptism is set for 8/30. We might push it back until the whole family feels comfy, or we might keep the date for just the mom and second oldest son. It really depends on ow the other boys progress in the next couple weeks. They have started reading the book of Mormon and the youngest son (10yrs) thinks Nephi is the coolest guy to have ‘beat up’ Laban and get the brass plates. We talked about Nephi’s attitude about keeping the commandment of the Lord (1 Nephi 3:7) but I think the only thing that he got out of the lesson was that Nephi killed Laban. And that it was okay. We had to clarify to him that killing isn’t okay. 

The Noah family has come to church twice in a row and they are doing well. Her fiance is a recent convert and so she is just soaking everything up as well. Her kids are hesitant to learn and think that church is a little weird (compared to what they are used to.. Her father is a Baptist preacher or pastor or something.) Cindy and Lary are the cutest couple that is from Trinidad. Lary had asked millions of questions about death and our purpose in life, so the highlight of this week was to teach them the Plan of Salvation. WOW. That lesson was POWERFUL. It made sense to him, he asked many question and i think he has a greater understanding of the Plan of Salvation than most people do. He loved it. The Spirit was so strong and we felt so guided in the lesson. The only thing that they are struggling to do it keep their commitments. The haven’t read any of the BoM. They didn’t come to church. He is a logical guy and so it is hard for him to understand the concept of a testimony. He just wants things to make sense, and he doesn’t think that feelings or the Holy Ghost will make much of a difference. It’ll come though. We’ve only visited them three times. We’ve only known them for a week and a half. 

The Porte family is having a hard time. We haven’t seen the father for a while and he isn’t keeping his commitments either. They are from Liberia (where some deadly virus is???) And so they are a very worried for family. The daughter is progressing though. The mother is a recent convert. 

Richard is a referral we got from other  missionaries. He hasn’t had missionaries over since the 1960″s. We got in a shared a thought but really just listened to his stories. He is a marine veteran who was injured in a war.. (which one, I don’t remember). So he is paralyzed from the waste down and has been for 40 years. He is so awesome and has cool stories. He had met missionaries while over seas. 

JOSHUA. He blessed the sacrament yesterday! I was about to tear up I was proud of him! I feel like his mother in a way.. he is a baby in the gospel and it is so wonderful to watch him grow and progress.

Phyllis…. we visited her once last week and will hopefully go over today. She hasn’t been to church for several weeks now…. her mother is STILL in town. crazy. Hopefully she will be able to come to church this week. It’s been about a month and that is no bueno for these little babies in the gospel. We’re worried for her testimony is weakening. 

So that’s the people! There are many more we’re teaching but these are the regulars. 

It has been HOT here. We’ve had a heat index of 100 somethings. Usually the hotter the days, the more likely a storm is coming. 

Today is roasty toasty and so we think we’re going to get a thunderstorm this evening. 

We were prophesied to a few times this week. Many people are making ‘predictions’ that Sister Heaps is going to be transferred out of Bridgeland this transfer. I wouldn’t be surprised. She’s been in this area for 8+ months. 

The other prophesy was by a reverend we tracted into. He prophesied that sister Heaps and I would be on national television and convert millions…… awkward. I sure hope I’m not on national television because it probably wouldn’t be good. It was also really funny because when he was talking to us, he was telling us how the bible is the only way. I was holding a book of Mormon but the title was facing me. He thought I was holding  a bible and kept pointing to the book saying “this is the only true book! This is the way and the truth!” It’s really ironic because the BoM is. And he didn’t even realize that he was pointing to the BoM. 

The bishop here is putting together a fireside for investigators and their fellow-shippers, as well as less actives and recent converts. It’s a great idea and going to be really awesome. More details will come later as we plan it out and put it together. It will just be for our ward. President Mortensen is doing a similar thing but for our stake. I guess the San Diego mission did something like that and it was a huge success so we are going to test it out in our stake/zone. It’ll be at the end of Sept. 

We are going to buckee’s today. It’s the legendary gas station of Texas. People say its the best place ever and I wonder how a gas station could be the best place ever…. So we’ll see how that goes. 🙂 

Sister Jeppson



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