July 28th 2014

This week has been great. I have learned a lot and just love the people here! Everyone is just so nice and amazing. 

I was a bit sick this week. Adjusting to missionary life is just wonderful when you get the scheduled cold. Best way to end the transfer, huh? But I really learned to push myself aside. It feels so good to just lose yourself in the work and focus on those whom you’re serving. A stuffy nose, scratchy throat, and imploding head (not really it just felt like it) will not stop me from being a missionary! Ha but it brought lots of really fun adventures. 

We went to the temple this week, for the regular transfer visit. And guess what?!?! I had a bloody nose in the middle of the endowment session. It’s like it was draining the pacific ocean. I had to leave in the middle of it and the wonderful temple workers almost made me ride in a wheelchair down to their little first aid room. HOW EMBARRASSING! It stopped and all is well.

Everyone here is just doing amazing! Throughout the whole transfer, no one (of our investigators) has been coming to church. It’s been a struggle. But yesterday was a miracle! 6 people came! A family of four and then two of our investigators! YAY! It was the first time the “O” family had come (single mother with 4 boys, only 3 with her at the time) and the youngest, age 10 Jorge, said they “just HAVE to come back!” The 14 yr old Miguel and 16 yr old Gabriel said it was weird and they were really confused but that they would like to go back. Poor Sister O was confused but she loves the feeling there and is excited that her boys are loving it.
The O’s are so awesome! We tracted into them July 4th and have taught them the restoration and plan of salvation. They are really struggling financially and have nothing. We found 3 chairs on the side of the road one day (Texans just put all their trash on the curbs and it’s fair game. Some members here make money by selling other peoples trash……yeah… I found a job for when I get off my mission) we fixed them up and gave them many of our extra dishes and old stuff from past missionaries. They were so thankful. My heart just hurts for them. But they are progressing well. Their testimonies are small and simple but growing!
Phyllis is doing great. Her mother is in town and so that is a factor that is preventing her from coming to church, no bueno. We met her mother, who is very kind, and are trying to visit her often. Members are also visiting her frequently to try and support her and keep her testimony growing. We don’t want anything to slip into neutral.
Joshua is just awesome. He got the priesthood this Sunday and so we are going to go to the temple with him either this week or next week! Tonight we are going to do family history with him and the Alba’s. Sister Alba is a genius at family history.
We got into another one of our investigators home this week, which was a miracle, and she is just so ready to be baptized. Vanessa is 16 and in a complicated situation where it is extremely hard to get a hold of her and meet with her. But as we are resolving to do so, we have been able to get to know her better and introduce her mom to the church. Her mother only speaks spanish though so she has been passed on to the Hermanas. Vanessa has been reading and praying and came to church yesterday. She is so awesome and we can’t wait to continue to teach her!
Down here, and probably all over the world, so many people are getting into anti-mormon things. AVOID IT. Just because of curiosity, doubts, fears, and just any reason under the moon, people google things and end up with skewed info. Avoid it, avoid it, avoid it. It’s surprising how many people we find who have heard about us mormons and claim to know all about us. We kindly have to tell them what we really do believe and pray they will accept our invitations to read for themselves and pray about it. 
It is getting hotter and hotter here. I think we broke the triple digits, but I’m not sure since we don’t have an easily accessible thermometer. But it doesn’t matter. It feels like the world is ending, it’s so hot. Nothing is outside, and if it is, it’s dead and fried. Some days I feel that way.
SO. TRANSFERS. I’m staying in Bridgeland, no surprise there. There was about a 3% chance that president Mortensen would switch things up and do something crazy, but the good news is Sister Heaps and I are staying in Bridgeland! The weird thing is that Sister Heaps has been in this area since Feb. That’s a pretty long time. But it’s a blessing for me that she is here. She is one of the most consecrated missionaries out here. She is the best! I admire her and all her patience, love, and kindness she has for everyone, especially me!
Well things are just dandy! 
Sister Jeppson

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