August 1st 2014

The many things that have been on my mind as well as common themes this week are faith in Jesus Christ, missionary work, and change. Faith has really been everywhere. We are constantly teaching about it to help others know how to have faith in Jesus Christ. To help them evaluate why they have faith in Jesus Christ. And to help them act on their faith. So:

Why do you have faith in Jesus Christ?

* because of other peoples testimonies?

*because you have read the Book of Mormon?

*because you have prayed? Took Moroni’s challenge?

*because you see the blessings all around you?

*because you feel Him? See His hand in your life?

*because you rely on Him, trust Him and receive strength through Him? 

These are many answers I’ve heard.

How can you have faith / show your faith in Jesus Christ? 

*study the scriptures-perhaps with a question in mind.



*build your foundation in Him, (Helaman 5:12) 

*go to church, renew your baptismal covenants.

The biggest way to have faith in Him is to ACT on that faith. It shows you are truly willing to do all that He asks. It is aligning your will with His. It is being obedient. It is being humble. It is recognizing that He loves you and knows what’s best for you.

The way we can ACT IN FAITH is doing these things listed. It’s cool to be able to assist others in their actions because of their faith. Invitations and commitments are the best tools to help them. That is how the savior teaches us as well. It is through invitations. They set expectations and allow us to exercise our agency. What things have you been invited to do?

Missionary work is surprisingly but not surprisingly a big theme. We teach that to the members we visit ALL THE TIME. It is so important that we are all missionaries, even if we don’t wear a name badge. Everyone should/will have a chance to hear of the gospel. How cool would i be if it was because of you!? Having a successful lesson with investigators is impossible without the members. The investigators need friends. They don’t want to join anything when they don’t know anyone or don’t feel loved! Also, members testimonies are just so wonderful! The members are real people to these investigators. Us missionaries with name badges are just freaks. Be a member missionary. Look for every opportunity to serve! Prepare to serve a full-time mission now! Learn how you recognize the Spirit. Bear your testimony often. Pray sincerely and with real intent (real intent, intending to act on what you pray for/about). You do NOT have to be a scriptorian. You don’t have to be perfect. Be the best YOU. 

Anyways. I almost feel a little preachy- preaching to the choir. Keep looking for opportunities to serve! 

Sister Jeppson


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