Day 48 mission/Day 33 Texas!


So I’m picking up on the Spanish a little. I can say, “Somos missionaries de la iglesia de Jesus Cristo de los santos de los ultimos dias. Le gustaria escuchar un menshare?” I don’t know how to spell it or anything. But basically I can ask if they would like to hear a message and who we are and what church we’re from. I use other words in spanish often to ask things but mostly we just play charades with the people who don’t know any english. 
We are finding, finding, and finding. So many people are ready and prepared to hear the gospel. The Lord surely is going before our faces, preparing the way. (D&C 84:85?) We continue to invited 25+ people to learn about the gospel. Some days we cut it a little close and at 8:59 we’re desperate to find people to invite. But we strive to be exactly obedient in everything that we are doing! Like study times, being home on time, staying in our area, keeping lessons at most an hour, dinner appointments… the list goes on. We had a cool miracle yesterday. We only get 275 miles a week with our care and yesterday we were at 264.1 and we were 9.5 miles away from our apartment. It was only 5pm and so we were like, what do we do? Drive to the apartment, drop the car off and walk 6 miles to and from our appointments??? But Sister Heaps came up with a genius plan. Drive half way to our appointment. Have our appointment, then drive home. Genius! So we walked like 3 miles yesterday, in less than two hours. I’m a little sore. And obviously a little spoiled to have a car!
EXCHANGES. The best things ever! I switched companions with Sister Gregson and Sister Quist and so Sister Gregson and I paired up and I was in Tomball, TX for a day. That area is SO HARD. They have all the super rich and comfortable people. We just tracted like all day. I got a major tan from that day. We met a few people who were kind of interested. But mostly everyone just shut their doors on us. It helped me to see how truly blessed I am to be in Bridgeland where we have lots of success and great open people. I learned a lot on how to teach, how to study, door approaches, and just little everyday missionary things. I love Sister Gregson and wish her the best! She goes home in 1 week! We invited 37 people that day.
Phyllis is awesome. She is getting her temple recommend soon and patriarchal blessing. Her mother just came in town and its news to her that Phyllis joined the church. She’s not a happy momma. She still loves her but says she doesn’t want anything to do with the church. She is going to be in town for quite some time so Phyllis may not be able to come to church for a month or so. NOT GOOD. With Recent converts, each sunday is crucial to their continuous conversion. Keep her in your prayers! She has great faith and is so strong but Satan works so hard on these little babies in the gospel and we are worried for her. 
Joshua got his temple recommend this last Sunday! YAY! We’re going to try and go to the temple with him next week. I am so excited for him! He will be getting the priesthood soon. The boys have just taken him under their wings in this ward. It is so important that members get involved in helping these converts. I have watched people slip between our fingers and not want to continue learning about the church just because they don’t have a friend at church. It’s so sad!
We found a family, Silvia and Frank. We taught them the restoration and invited them all to read the Book of Mormon together. They are super excited and the two girls have challenged each other on who can read it first. We gave them four books so they can each have one. The dad, Frank is the one who is a little hesitant and isn’t quite sure about committing to anything. But Silvia is just soaking everything up and so eager to learn more. Their girls, Celeste and Olivia are 14 and 11 and they are just so sweet.
SO. There are a lot of crazy people here and we ran into two strongly opinionated men this week. Both had very negative and incorrect views on us as “mormons”. One we tracted into and were able to explain things to him and straighten out the doctrine so he understood it better. It was about an hour discussion at his door step but he had an open mind and was a theologian. It ended well and I connected with his little daughter whose name is Jasmine. As we talked with him, I looked at him as my brother, all dressed in white, a son of God. It was really powerful, looking at him that way and realizing how confused he must be and just yearned to tell him everything I knew so that all would be okay. I just wanted to tell him all about the gospel and the Savior’s love for each of us and how we have the wonderful Atonement to be able to return back to live with them. But I’m glad the Spirit directed my words and that I didn’t get ahead of myself or let my thoughts and feelings leak through. I tried to drown out the thoughts of what I wanted to say next or what I thought would be the best response and what made sense and instead, just listened to him. As I did, and as I opened my mouth with faith that the Spirit would fill it, it was filled and he understood. It was much different with the second man. He was closed minded and hard hearted and wouldn’t climb down from his stance. We argued and my feelings got the best of me. I noticed that I wasn’t answering him out of love, I just wanted to correct his views. But Sister Heaps calmed him down. We tried to explain, but he wouldn’t listen. He just liked to hear himself tell us we are wrong and a cult. So we just wished him a good day and walked off. Those two instances were the biggest and best thing that strengthened my testimony about the gospel this week. It makes me so sad that these people are so mistaken and some, so set in their ways. Both times I walked away feeling very physically weak, which was a little strange. My legs felt like they were about to give away right out from under me. It was only at the moment when the conversation ended that I felt that way. During the ‘argument’ or discussion I felt the Spirit working strongly through me and was surprised at the strength I had and honestly don’t remember anything that I said. It was all the Spirit. 
BUT. Transfers are this next week and a half. So sunday we find out if we are being transferred. I hear that typically new missionaries stay in their area for 12 weeks, but we’ll see! I hope I stay here. I feel like I’m finally just getting to know the people and the area! It’s also crazy to think it has been 6 weeks out in the field already! Day 48. Day 33 being in Texas!
Sister Jeppson

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