Howdy! Day 40 mission (email)

This week has been wonderful! I am learning so much and getting more confident in the work! (Slowly but surely). We had interviews with President Mortensen this last weekend. It was so wonderful to hear what he had to say. He talked to us on goals and plans. The goals are what motivate us. The Lord works through our goals. When we set righteous goals and work towards them, he prepares the way for them to be accomplished (D&C 84:88), all according to our faith and diligence. We have to do our part but in the process of doing so, he strengthens us, lifts us, and puts people in our path to help us. 
As we help the people here and set goals through key indicators, the Lord is preparing a way for them to be achievable and possible. So we need to do our part to follow up on the goal by making plans and doing all we can through faith to achieve them. Cool huh? He is definitely called of God and has helped me find strength and confidence in the work. He gave me a blessing while in our interview, which was really special, and I know it was straight from the Lord. I am grateful that these men are honoring their priesthood and using that power of God to serve and strengthen others. The priesthood is an important responsibility for men and I am grateful to benefit from it’s blessings.
He invited us to commit to talk to 25 people every single day and invite them to learn more about the restored gospel. THAT IS CRAZY. 25 PEOPLE! At first I was like, “yeah, that’s not possible. no bueno.” BUT the way he explained it just changed my whole perspective. Would I talk to 25 people a day to save one of my family members from dying!? YES. Then how much more important is it to save my brothers and sisters in the Lord from spiritually dying? IT IS SO IMPORTANT. I invite all of you, talk to everyone you know! Share the gospel! You don’t have to be weird about it like us full-time missionaries all. You don’t need to knock on everyone’s doors but share the gospel through your actions, through your example, in words, in answering questions… There are so many ways.
I decided to change my attitude when it came to finding those 25. I chose to consciously have faith and trust in the Lord. And guess what? Every single day I have talked to 25+ people and invited them to learn more. And through doing so I have seen miracles after miracles after miracles. We tracted into a few homes where the people are so prepared! We taught them the first lesson and I didn’t even feel like I was teaching it. It was all the Spirit. They even seemed to teach them themselves. As we act in faith and diligence, make goals, and open our mouths… we will be placed in the path of those people who are prepared. I am so lucky to be a part of this work. I feel like I’m being carried by angels a lot of the time. I feel the strength of the enabling power of the Atonement. Have you been able to study more about the Atonement? And the enabling and redeeming power? Tell me what you are learning!
We have 5 baptisms set for the near future. It’s going to take a lot of sincere prayers and follow up to get the majority of them to go through. Many people don’t keep their commitments and it is so sad. They often quickly slip back into old habits or into the world and it is hard to keep them firm and grounded in faith in Jesus Christ. This week’s theme has been on faith. A foundation of faith in Jesus Christ is SO IMPORTANT. Everything else seems to build off of that first principle. 
Last night we had the coolest lightning storm ever. It’s probably because of hurricane season and tornado warnings, but it was flashing every few seconds for about an hour. It’s was like a magnificent show from God while we were tracting. People thought we were crazy for being out in that kind of weather, knocking on doors.
I’m going on exchanges Wednesday. That means I switch companions and possibly areas with another pair of sisters. I’ll let you know how that goes! I’m a little nervous!
Sister Jeppson

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