Day 40 (letter)

The words of the prophets are so amazing! Both modern and also prophets of old! I just wish I could sit in the apartment all day and just soak in what I’m reading! But I can’t and I don’t think we should be just “hearers of the word” but “doers also”. It is taking a lot of hard work and faith to go out and ” do ” the work. Sharing the gospel with complete strangers scared me so bad at first. BUT. It is the best thing ever! It still scares me to just go up to random people and my head gets overwhelmed with “what-if’s” and false/fake judgments. But then when I go up to the person, it all just melts away because they are just normal people who desire things just like everyone else. The strangest and most humble people seem to be the most receptive of the gospel. It is the wealthy and more normal looking people who are more comfortable in their ways and generally have harder hearts with things of a spiritual nature. Here in Bridgeland we have two areas divided by lots of land. The upper area is a lot wealthier and the lower area is full of humble people with very different Ethnic backgrounds. The lower area is the best to find people- because they are more receptive.

I feel like I’m in a whole other world out here! WE went grocery shopping today and it’s weird being stared at as a missionary. I’m not used to behind out in public so it still weirds me out. It’s surprisingly hard to find things for service down here. But Phyllis said we could help her paint her living room. Sister Heaps thought it was a marvelous idea since she says I’m an artist. Being an artist doesn’t mean I know anything about painting walls, so we’ll see how this goes… It’ll be fun to learn and help her. 

Outta time!

❤ Sister Jeppson


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