June 23rd 2014, Day 5 Houston

Things are great and I can’t believe I’m only five days in. 

One thing that I just started doing, is reading the Book of Mormon over, with a question in mind. Well actually, more of a topic. On a cheap copy, I wrote my question and a little information about the topic I want to learn about. This is the question How can these “vital and basic doctrines” help me and those I swerve come unto Christ? 

Faith-leads to action

Repentance- enabling and redeeming

Baptism- covenant and ordinance 

Holy Ghost- endure to the end 

Then I just tear up the Book of Mormon, not literally. It’s marked up lots, and I’m only on 1 Nephi 3. I went through the introduction to the Book of Mormon and the testimonies. There’s a lot of cool stuff there I forgot about! The goals we have as a companionship is to 

1. Be sincere in all of our interactions. 

-have a tailored, catchy, specific ways to introduce what we believe. (Besides the Articles of Faith- that’s cheating) 

2. Focus on the SPIRIT: clear mind, open heart I can’t emphasize enough, how true this is! The spirit is so essential to conversion and really everything that has to do with missionary work!

This is one thing I struggle with. I get to a door and start thinking in my mind what to say next, Or i’m in a lesson and thinking of how to answer someone’s question or what I think they need to hear. NO! That’s bad! When I do that, it all fails, it always goes wrong. The spirit won’t have as much of an impact unless it is truly from God. 

I clear my mind. I LISTEN. And then thoughts will just come to my mind, or scriptures, or experiences, or doctrine. But I’ve also learned that if I waste time questioning whether the thought is of God, the moment to speak has past and there’s no going back. If it is any thought that is good – “good fruit” \

Then I just say it. If I suddenly get a thought that’s negative or distracting or selfish, I disregard it. 

Focus on cleaning your mind and saying what the spirit prompts you to do. I’m sure it’s a lot like the priesthood- when giving blessings- the way the spirit works.

One story I want to share is when we went to visit Jefferson adnd Bianca Reed. He’s a member and goes to church. She’s less active. We went over last night because earlier in church, brother Reed asked us if we could visit. 

We went over with some of the intro to the Book of Mormon prepared.

We wanted her to KNOW the Book of Mormon is the word of God, DO read it and ray about it, and FEEL, the spirit testify of its truthfulness.

We went in and got to know her

June 30 2014

SORRY!  I ran out of time last week to finish my letter and, because I’m trying my best to be exactly obedient, I didn’t get it finished or sent.

BUT! Everything is just peachy! And now I have more time to write to you about people! 

SO. Jesus. He is golden! We met him last Wednesday through a lovely less active member, Brother Lalchan. Brother Lalchan expressed the desire to come back to church and so we had an appointment with him to re-go over the lessons. He brought a wonderful friend named Jesus! Brother Lalchan is legally blind and Jesus is in a motorized wheel chair. CRAZY huh?We taught them at a park since there wasn’t another female present.

Jesus has been looking for something. He gets together with the Jehovah witnesses (JW’s) every few days and learns from the Bible. WE told him we would read with him from the Book of Mormon.

We taught him the restoration. He said it makes sense to him; the Apostasy, the religious freedoms and lack of God’s authority. But he said he needs time to thinking and suggested he add it to his readings. And pray about it. He told of how often he sees God’s blessings in his life and as we explained the Holy Ghost to him, he seemed excited about the idea but perhaps a little confused at how to truly recognize the Spirit. WE meet with him and Brother Lalchan Wednesday! WE’re hoping to see progress!

The Vasquez family is wonderful. Johny still won’t commit to a baptismal date. We think he is afraid of commitments. He knows there’s truth in the Book of Mormon and what we teach but whenever people lose the habit of daily scripture study and prayer they lose their faith and their foundation is shaken. He said he’d like to see a Baptism before committing.He is more than welcome to Joshua’s baptismal service this Saturday. 

Vanessa Vasquez is so quiet! We’re trying to figure out how we can reach out to her!

The Portes’. Dwight is slipping through our fingers. He is so faithful, so receptive except; he won’t commit to baptism because he has already been baptized in another faith. We couldn’t meet with him last week because he went to a funeral. When the pattern of visits from us missionaries gets severed- it’s hard to get a good healthy habit back. (Same with scripture study, prayer and all other “little thing”) Those little things are super duper important. 

We taught his wife and daughter and it went well. The wife is less active and the daughter is a non member. 


That’s pretty much the update of the regulars.

We are going to make guacamole today! It’s going to be a Monday tradition!

All I eat ever is bread and fruit and carrots and cheese. Quesadillas every single day for lunch. That’s how creative we get with our short amount of time. 

Just love the scriptures. Read them all he time. Cherish them, treasure them. And learn from the hymns. They’re so inspired!

And keep a journal/study journal. So helpful in remembering things and helping to apply them. 

The church is true, through and through.

❤ Sister Jeppson


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