June 10th / Day 7

P-day is finally here! It is weird having so much time and hardly anything to do.

A lot is going on. I am learning so much, I’m exhausted, tired, super excited, constantly feeling/teaching by the spirit, stressed, just wonderful, happy almost all the time, and loving the MTC. I wake up before my alarm every morning, around 6:15 am. It’s weird how my body just wakes me up. We have to be out the door at 6:50 in order to conquer the day.

Let me just say, being in a trio is HARD. Sister P and Sister H  are wonderful but when there are three people, three completely new sisters~ life gets to be a little tough.

One thing I learned on day 1 is it’s ALL ABOUT THEM. We went to a workshop called People and Your Purpose and, as a group of new missionaries, (about 30 of us) we taught a real investigator. We started by asking him questions but eventually, many of the missionaries tried sharing personal experiences and by doing so drove the Spirit away~BUT this is why. They either tried to “one-up” the investigators story, or completely changed the topic, or took away the focus on the investigator and selfishly took the spot light or told a personal experience that went too long. (one elder took 20 minutes telling us a story. The investigator fell asleep!) What I’m saying is personal examples are okay ONLY IF it does not take the Spirit away or the focus from off the investigator.

Another thing that I am continuously learning is that I must look outward, not inward. It is so tempting to look inward. To see everything that is going well or bad for ME. But ~I need to always be looking to others because, being a missionary is not ever about the self. It is always about my companions. It is always about the investigator. It is always about the Lord. It is so hard to love people sometimes, to find their strengths amiss many noticeable flaws. But my purpose as a missionary is to INVITE all to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through..etc. So I must always help my companions to come unto Christ, and my investigators. We are all working towards the same goal. Eternal life and exaltation. So why don’t we all try to help each other walk together and progress toward Christ instead of pulling them down or stepping on them. use your strengths to build their weaknesses. Use your weaknesses to humble you and motivate you to strengthen them. NOBODY is perfect, and we need to see them through God’s eyes, not our own.

So. We have two investigators. We met A***on day 3 and man. that was rough. It was our first time teaching together as a companionship and we knew hardly anything about her. Lesson one was on the restoration. We did not teach the doctrine well or in order but we made sure that she knows we care and knows that we have a testimony of those things. We had invited her to read the introduction of the Book of Mormon and sincerely pray about it. Also in lesson one, she really opened up to us. She talked about how she doesn’t really have a relationship with God but she desires His love and wished to be clean from her past. We left a few comforting words and set up an appointment to really help her with her concerns. Lesson two was the Plan of Salvation but we mostly focused on repentance. HOLY COW. The spirit was there so strongly. She really desired to repent and be clean again. She soaked everything up and realized she truly desired to follow the doctrine of Christ to come unto Him and partake of His cleansing power. We invited her to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized and BAM! She said yes! She is preparing for June 20th (a fake date we set up since we won’t be here, plus, to clarify, she is our teacher Sister D who is acting as an investigator to help us learn) It is so exciting and now, we have no idea what to do now! Haha none of the elders in our zone have gotten to this point yet so us sisters are trying to figure out how to help her prepare for baptism.  For lesson 3 we decided to just go in order and teach her more in depth about the Gospel of Christ: Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Holy Ghost. It was good but it was nothing compared to the previous lesson. We invited her to begin to make reading the Book of Mormon a habit. She accepted and said she would pray about it also to know if it is true.  So that’s A***. She’s wonderful.

Then, yesterday, we got a new investigator. Except this time, she may be really investigation the church. We are doing this for our TRC workshop. The people that offer to be investigators are sometimes actors and sometimes really investigating the church. Her name is J***. She lives in Idaho so we did our first lesson over Skype. (Which I think is the worst possible way to teach someone.)

It started off way bad~ the guy helping us was very contentious and caused us to be 10 minutes late for our appt. So the Spirit wasn’t there to start off. Then we tried to get to know her but she wants’t really opening up. Then we prayed, opened up with prayer, and tried to invite the Spirit but we started off poorly with the lesson and she kept getting distracted by so much around her. Even when Sister P was in the middle of her testimony, she (J***) wasn’t paying attention and got a drink of water. J*** is kind and I fell very sad for her because she doesn’t feel our message. She told us she was very fascinated by religion but she thinks logically and loves the facts and science behind everything. She threw a few hard questions at us too. She asked to know how Joseph Smith could ever translate the Book of Mormon. It was hard to figure out how to answer her because I didn’t want to whip out info on the Urum and Thumum nor talk about he Priesthood keys and role of a Prophet if she didn’t even believe or have a knowledge on the principle of faith. In Preach My Gospel under the chapter about my purpose, it talks about how the investigator needs to develop faith before anything else. And with J***, I see that is what we need.


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