June 5th 2014

So. Holy cow. The MTC is wonderful, crazy, busy, stressful, scary, peaceful, amazing, and just fabulous!

Day 1 was LONG. I swore it would never end. 

The kind host sister swept me away from my family and we checked in, I got my name badge, books, keys, ID card, and other misc. things. My tag had an orange dot (the dork dot) so everyone knew to say hi. The Elders and Sisters here are so nice and amazing!

We then dropped my luggage off, I grabbed my scriptures and study materials and my host sister took me to my classroom. I was first there. 

My instructor,  Brother Christenesen , is 23 and from here in Provo. We got to know each other while the rest of my district piled in. 

SO. Sister Price and Sister Howard are my tripanions (trio of companions). Sister Price is from Syracuse, UT and is heading to Knox, TN. Sister Howard is from Bountiful, UT and is heading to Des M., Iowa. Our district is small. There was only six of us, two trios, elders and then us sisters. But one elder was added- so they split the trio. 

It’s just me heading to Houston. At least for the sisters. There are three elders who are going to Houston too 


I was going to say more but the time is short and too much to squeeze in.

I’m alive.


The trio is wonderful.

Sorry got to go

-Sister Jeppson


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