May 3rd 2014- My Special Day

I love the temple. I am so grateful for the opportunity to enter the Lords house, participate in ordinances, make sacred covenants, and learn. There is so much to learn and I am grateful for so many close temples to visit and regularly attend. It is such a blessing to have a temple in my mission that I know I will be able to attend at least twice. It is line upon line in which we will gain understanding and knowledge. I wish to visit frequently and have already had the opportunity to go back to do endowments for the dead.

My parents came with me for my endowment and it was a special day to be with them. I love them so much and am grateful for their love and support. My dad really encouraged me to just focus on how I feel. The things that we participate in the temple are very sacred and symbolic. It can seem overwhelming at first because of the deep meaning surrounding all that is done in the temple. It was great advice to adhere to. I only focused on how I felt. I wouldn’t let the stress or fear get to me. And I felt the Spirit so strongly! I knew with a surety that I was supposed to be there and that I was welcome into the Lord’s house. I bawled like a baby because everything felt so right, so true, and so holy. I love the temple. I know that it is the Lord’s house and the work is essential for our salvation. Our salvation is intertwined with others and that includes those who have gone before us. The ordinances and covenants are beautiful and I will always treasure them and live the best I can.


Going back often is very important. Remembering the covenants we have made and taking a part in the work for the dead is important. Again, I am blessed to have so many temples close, and such wonderful friends to go with and enjoy the blessings of the temple.


I love to see the temple.

Much love,

Sister Jeppson


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